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Hetman Uneraser 3.6

All-purpose recovery tool with full support for all file types and file systems
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Hetman Uneraser is an all-in-one, all-purpose recovery tool capable of restoring all kinds of lost or deleted information from nearly any storage device. Its easy-to-follow wizard recovery tool, together with its high level of compatibility with all file systems, file types, and storage devices make Uneraser the right tool to reverse any loss of data, regardless of the action that provoked it.

Hetman Uneraser works on any physical drive connected to your computer as well as on DSK virtual disks, which you can create with the “Image Creation” tool provided. If the data happens to be in a partition that no longer exists or you have just formatted, Uneraser comes with the necessary algorithms to locate, identify, and analyze that partition in search of your data. Thus, once you have selected the drive where Uneraser will look for your lost files, the program’s wizard will offer you two types of analysis – a normal scan and a content-aware analysis. The former is the quickest, and it’s also most suitable for recently deleted content. Further damaged files may require a low-level scan, and that is what the content-aware analysis does, ignoring the external identifiers of the file (such as the filename) and diving into its content using signatures to identify the file type and locate its scattered fragments.

All files located following your search parameters will be listed to you as your Windows Explorer does, using familiar tree-like structures and icons. Files can be previewed before being recovered, either by taking a look at the small preview in the explorer-like window, or by using the program’s generous full-screen viewer. This will help you examine the lost image or document in their full glory and thus choose the right files. Note that the content-aware analysis will ignore all filenames and will classify your files by type only, which makes this full preview a neat addition to the program’s functionality. Recovered files can then be easily saved to a location of your choice (preferably on a different drive altogether), burnt to a recordable CD or DVD, enclosed into an ISO virtual image, or sent via FTP to a completely different machine.

Hetman Uneraser offers a comprehensive solution to your data loss issue. There is no restriction on the type of storage device that the program supports or on its file system (FAT or NTFS), on the file type that its algorithms can detect and restore, or on the reason why your data was damaged or deleted – this all-purpose recovery tool is capable of bringing back to life that file or folder you thought has been lost forever.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Recovers all types of files
  • Supports both NTFS and FAT file systems
  • Works on internal, external, and virtual drives
  • Content-aware scan to classify files by type
  • Full-screen preview
  • Wizard-based recovery process


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