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Hetman Uneraser is a data recovery tool for Windows PCs
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Hetman Uneraser is a data recovery tool for Windows PCs. It can be used to recover lost or corrupted data from different media types, such as hard drives, flash drives, CDs and DVDs, floppy disks, etc. It uses a wizard to guide the user through the process, which makes things a lot faster and easier.

When you first launch the app, you will see a list of all the available media connected to your computer. You will see your hard drives, floppy drives, and any removable drives you might have. You can of course launch the wizard and get started, but there is an interesting fact to note here. You can analyze the disks without using the wizard. What this does is creates a listing of all the files that are recoverable on that drive, so that when you do run the wizard, you don't have to scan anything again. This is an interesting feature.

In my testing, I did two things. First, I tried to use a SD card that I use with my camera with this application. Sadly, I got an error saying that the file system that was used in my card wasn't supported. Then I moved on to my hard drive, and placed a 7-megabyte file on the desktop and deleted it. It was a video file, so in the wizard, I told the app to only look for video files over 6 megabytes in size, to speed things up. It scanned my drive and found it. Of course, since I was using the trial version, I couldn't recover the file, but it was nice to see that it could be recovered. I like the fact that you can tell the app what to look for, to save time. Other apps take hours to scan and then you have to look through thousands of files just to find that JPEG picture.

José Fernández
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  • You can scan all the drives to make the process faster
  • It has a nice interface


  • It didn't work with a SD card
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